H I ,  I ‘ M   B R I A N N A   S N Y D E R . 

Bri for short. I am a graphic designer and entrepreneur with five years of design experience.  Although I always aspired to start my own business, I worked as a book designer for years before venturing out on my own.

I got my start designing personal creations for family and friends and eventually branched out to businesses.  Before long, I received inquiries from others, and I decided to design full time. I took a risk and launched my business, Spyder Design, and I created my website.

Now, I do what I love all day, everyday, with the help of coffee of course.  I would not be where I am today without the support of my husband, Jonathan, and the time that I have put into self growth.

I try to balance all aspects of life to be as fit as possible.  Health is very important to me. I am a BeachBody Coach and Insanity instructor, and I take time to meditate each morning and read every night.  I work hard, but I do love to play hard, as well!